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SBF Enabling Digitalisation in the Built Environment

Braving a warm Wednesday afternoon and some F1 road closures, Doxa, in partnership with SBF as our event host, Building and Construction Authority (BCA), as well as UOB Bank, came together to share about initiatives and developments in the Built Environment space.

The event was split into 4 segments where SBF started with an e-Invoicing presentation on behalf of IMDA, where Mr Chew Lee Huat introduced the benefits and potential gains from using an e-Invoicing network like InvoiceNow.

Mr Nath Tushar represented BCA to share about Singapore’s Built Environment digitalisation journey, and what’s next for Integrated Digital Delivery, including some examples and use cases.

Our Co-founder and CEO, Edmund, shared about the difference between Digitisation and Digitalisation, and a very real case study of how digitalising a main contractor’s workflow helped to simplify and accelerate their growth, scalability and enable financing.

Mr Glenn Tsou from UOB shared exciting updates about building a business ecosystem with their Financial Supply Chain Management solution, leveraging on partnerships with Fintechs and government initiatives for their clients.

Guests were also treated to a spread by Grain and networked over coffee and tea. We hope that guests left with insightful takeaways and we hope to see you in the next one!

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