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Top Procurement Features

Seamless Request for Quotation (RFQ) between Buyers and Suppliers

Traditionally, existing software in the market only allows you to generate a PDF and send it out through email. You will have no idea if RFQs are received or acknowledged. When vendors come back, you need to manually create a Purchase Order.

Purchasers can convert Purchase Requests into an RFQ, and send it out to multiple vendors. Compare and shortlist quotes in a single screen. Vendors can key in their quotes directly in the same system as you — it works even if the vendor has no account.

Invoice Matching Unlocks Time Savings and Reduces Errors​

With our system-assisted 3-way Invoice Matching, you can identify discrepancies in documents across multiple parties/teams. With all your documents in one place and a detailed audit trail, rest assured that your financial data remains accurate.

Bank Partnerships For The Smoothest B2B Payment and Financing

Through direct partnerships with local banks, Doxa Connex makes payments extremely quick and painless for finance personnel/teams. Directly pay suppliers through host-to-host banking, regardless of bank. Additionally, integrate with your Accounting system to sync documents and statuses in real time.

If your business needs greater cash flow, directly apply for invoice financing with your bank through our platform as well.

Doxa Connex Mobile App

Available on iOS and Android today.

Approve requests, orders, invoices, and payments on the go. Create and issue goods receipts on your mobile in minutes.

Featured Customer on Doxa Connex

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National Hospital Surabaya

Official Announcement »

National Hospital (NH) Surabaya and Doxa to pilot the industry's first collaborative trade platform for hospitals. NH CEO Ang Hoey Tiong: Doxa Connex was chosen because of its simplicity and suitability of the platform to streamline the procurement to payment workflow processes for hospitals by digitally connecting hospitals with all suppliers.