A Digital Hub for Suppliers: Connecting Directly with Contractor

No more chasing down approvals or wondering about project updates. Doxa’s Supplier portal connects you directly with contractors to simplify your workflow and get paid faster.

Grow Your Business with a Direct Buyers Access

Your very own Business Profile page

With a Doxa Connex account, you will have your own company profile page.

You can upload a logo, banner or video, and details about your business to reach new buyers.

A marketplace and catalogue built for you​

Market to interested buyers within our platform using your catalogue.

Upload products, goods and services into categories and add pictures and descriptions.

Receive Purchase Orders & RFQs directly

Buyers can search for and engage you as a supplier to start procurement, either through a direct PO or RFQ

Doxa Connex Mobile App

Available on iOS and Android today.

Approve requests, orders, invoices, and payments on the go. Create and issue goods receipts on your mobile in minutes.

Suppliers on Doxa Connex

The voice of our customers
Our Customers’ Experiences

"We're proud to introduce Doxa Connex for Developers, the built environment industry's first end-to-end digital workflow solution, developed in collaboration with OCBC and Doxa.

This platform will support our Meyer Mansion project by digitally connecting all stakeholders in the development process. It streamlines the workflow processes of procurement and payments, digitises data entry and invoicing, and enhances cash flow projections. Contractors can now submit e-invoices, consultants can certify work electronically, and we can trigger bank payments seamlessly.

The result? Clearer project visibility, full transparency, and faster payment processing. By eliminating paper-based processes, we're not just saving time—we're transforming how property development operates."

---Andrew Chew, CFO of GuocoLand Singapore

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What are my benefits as a supplier in Doxa Connex Supplier Portal?

Buyers in Doxa Connex will be able to search for your company and products and send you a Request for Quotation and Purchase Order.

Are there any costs to listing and using Doxa Connex as a supplier?

No. Suppliers can list, connect, and transact with buyers in Doxa Connex at no cost.

How do I use the Supplier Portal?

Please refer to our user guide below (PDF) on how to use the Supplier Portal.

View User Guide

How do I know if the buyer on Doxa Connex is a trusted company?

All the buyers in Doxa Connex are established companies that are paid subscribers of Doxa, and using Doxa Connex platform to perform their procurement to payments functions.

‍You may take a look at this page to see some featured buyer clients.

How can I join Doxa Connex as a supplier?

Please make an inquiry through the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How many items can I post on the portal?

There is currently no limit — you can update as many items as you wish on Doxa Connex Supplier Portal.

How do I know if someone purchases my product on Doxa?

All Purchase Orders (PO) and Requests for Quotations (RFQ) will come with a notifying email to the email account that is registered with Doxa.

What if I can’t get my suppliers on Doxa?

We understand your concern if not all suppliers are onboard. We are happy to share that we have a very high success rate of onboarding of above 80%.

With that said, you will still be able to use the system.

Here’s what you still can do even when the supplier is not on board:

  1. Send RFQs. For vendors not on board the Doxa Connex system, they will receive a link via email and respond to it, including the ability to make price adjustments.
  2. Perform Goods Receipt (GR)
  3. Input Delivery Order (DO) linked back to the system
  4. Enter invoice linking to the DO, PO, GR

Therefore, you will not need to run 2 separate systems even if not all 100% of users are on board.

How can I convince my vendors to use the Doxa system?

You don’t have to worry because Doxa will help you to convince your vendors. Our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping you onboard your suppliers/vendors after the project kickoff.

Our experienced team has a wide range of materials and methods, which includes training, self-service tutorials, phone support, and other brochures that will communicate the many benefits of using the system:

  1. Reduce their own manual data entry work and reduce the risk of rejected invoices
  2. Receive near real-time updates on the status of invoice payments
  3. Directly request for invoice financing from their local bank through the system