Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

General Questions

What is different about Doxa Connex?
I currently have an ERP. Why should I use Doxa?

Ecosystem & Network

What if I can’t get my suppliers on Doxa?
How can I convince my vendors to use the Doxa system?

Platform & Technology

Why do you run Doxa Connex on the cloud?
How secure is my data as you are a cloud service?
Can you integrate with my existing systems?

Costing for Buyers

Are you a subscription-based service?
What is your pricing model?

Supplier Portal

What are my benefits as a supplier in Doxa Connex Supplier Portal?
Are there any costs to listing and using Doxa Connex as a supplier?
How do I use the Supplier Portal?
How do I know if the buyer on Doxa Connex is a trusted company?
How can I join Doxa Connex as a supplier?
How many items can I post on the portal?
How do I know if someone purchases my product on Doxa?
Can you integrate with my existing Accounting and ERP systems?

Join over 1,000 companies on Doxa Connex.

Doxa Connex has processed over S$10,000,000 of invoices to date, with enterprise-grade security recognised by local banks.
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