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What’s so different about Doxa Connex?

Doxa Connex is more than just another procurement suite. We are a cross-industry collaborative trade platform that connects buyers, sellers, and financiers in the same space. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re from or the role you have, Doxa Connex will allow your business to handle procurement, payments, and financing like never before.

We have built an enterprise-grade platform with an enhancements engine that has helped us secure some of the clients you see today.

Enhancements Engine

Ease of Enhancement

By adopting a microservices architecture, we are able to make specific enhancements for your company’s workflow very quickly.

Continuous Enhancements

We don’t stop there. We’re continuously enhancing and adding features throughout the time you’re using Doxa Connex.

Zero Cost

These enhancements come at no additional cost to you, unlike typical vendors charging you additional fees for customisation.

What if I can’t get all of my suppliers onboard Doxa?

We understand your concern if not all suppliers are onboard. We are happy to share that we have a very high rate of onboarding of above 80%.

You will still be able to use the system. Here's what you still can do even when the supplier is not on board:

  • Send RFQs. For vendors not on board the Doxa Connex system, they will receive a link via email and respond to it, including the ability to make price adjustments.
  • Perform Goods Receipt (GR)
  • Input Delivery Order (DO) linked back to the system
  • Enter invoice linking to the DO, PO, GR

Therefore, you will not need to run 2 separate systems if not all 100% of users are on board.

How can I convince my vendors to use the system?

You do not have to worry because Doxa will help you to convince your vendors. We take on the responsibility to onboard them; other vendors may not even interact with third parties and only provide them with a manual.

We have an experienced onboarding team who specialises in helping buyers onboard their vendors through training and communicating the benefits of this system.

Having said that, here are some benefits for the vendor when they are onboarded onto Doxa Connex. They will be able to:

  • Reduce their own manual data entry work and reduce the risk of rejected invoices
  • Receive near real-time updates on the status of invoice payments

I already have an ERP system. Why should I use Doxa?

Doxa Connex is not meant to replace your ERP or Accounting system.

Instead, we:

  • Complement ERP to digitalise your procure-to-pay workflow by integrating seamlessly with ERP and Accounting software
  • Connect directly with external stakeholders (suppliers, sub-cons, banks, consultants, etc.) on this single platform

This greatly reduces any need for manual data entry and handling of hardcopy documents, improving your company’s operations and reducing costs.


Doxa Connex

ERP System

Direct tender negotiation, submission, and comparison

Issue, negotiation and comparison of quotations can be done within the platform between multiple suppliers

Award and issuance of contract

Contracts can be generated from quotations and sent directly to suppliers

Management & issuance of payment certificates

Likely No

Track purchase spend vs budget


Create onsite goods receipt

Doxa Connex's interface is tablet-optimised to enable goods receipt to be performed on site. Mobile phone view soon to follow.
Is not available out of the box. Requires (paid) enhancement.

View clear audit trail

Minimise disputes as all communication are logged and time stamped
Partial trail, at best

Setup direct payment via bank account

Minimise double work to set up payment runs. Doxa has direct host-to-host connections to banks.
Can be done by having to setup a host-to-host connection from your ERP to each bank – much more additional cost and time for SI work.

Add unlimited users

Subscription fees covers setup and usage for unlimited number of accounts/users.
ERPs are usually based on number of user licenses needed.

Free upgrades & continuous enhancements

Additional features and continuous enhancements made for the procure-to-pay module are free to use for existing users.
ERP version or feature upgrades usually require additional charges.

Easily connect with existing supplier network

Doxa is built to be a collaborative trade platform and an industry-wide ecosystem. As more main-cons and their suppliers/subcons come onboard, you will not need to individually onboard suppliers who are already in the ecosystem.
ERPs are focused on internal stakeholders and there’s no connection to external parties like suppliers.

Receive enhancements to Supplier module

Even though your suppliers get to use the system for free, our supplier module is one of the key focus for Doxa and we are constantly enhancing and adding features to attract more suppliers to the ecosystem.

For example, the planned ‘Catalogue’ feature was added for suppliers to share their catalogue with buyers for convenient ordering.
ERPs are focused on internal stakeholders and there’s no connection to external parties like suppliers.

Why do you run Doxa Connex on the Cloud?

Doxa Connex is entirely a cloud-based platform that can be accessed through your web browser.

There are many benefits of our cloud-based approach.

  • Constant software updates
  • New enhancements, features, and improvements without the need to manually initiate anything
  • Allow us to introduce continuous enhancements to everyone
  • Access it over the internet through any device
  • Will increase in value and function over time
  • Does not require a dedicated IT team to manage your servers and security
  • Save on hardware, storage cost and other restrictions.

On-premise applications will not be able to enjoy these benefits.

How secure is my data as you are a cloud service provider?

Built on Amazon Web Services

Doxa Connex runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service, which also hosts the data for many large companies including Unilever, Sony, Adobe, BBC, DBS Bank and more. It also identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behaviour within the Doxa cloud environment.

More on AWS Security

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Additionally, Doxa partners directly with Amazon Managed Services (AMS). AMS builds and maintains a growing repository of compliance, operational, and security guardrails that keeps us aligned with our control and security. AMS reduces the burden of meeting compliance program requirements (like HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC, NIST, ISO, PCI, FedRAMP) through automated detection and remediation automations.

More on AMS

Network security

Web users do not and will not have direct access to the services within the private network and infrastructure, except through the front-end user interface.

Data Protection

Enterprise-grade encryption for data at rest, and data in transit (AWS key management service). Data is backed up and mirrored (for redundancy) only on servers in data centres located within Singapore.

Access Management

Our development team has implemented secure management of identities, resources, and permissions to access the application. Two of these include employing industry-grade encrypted SSL from login, and a recommended Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Malware Monitoring

An active antivirus and anti-malware scans all uploaded files to ensure the security of your documents.