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Identifying the pain-points in business processes

Companies have value chains supported by standard business functions like Procurement, Sales, and Accounts. The synergy between these functions can directly affect the bottom line of the company. As companies expand, bottlenecks decrease productivity and efficiency. Our industry research analysis shows some key challenges affecting every procure-to-pay workflow.

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Manual Workflows
Data Entry Reconciliation: Invoice, PO, GR
Transfer and filing of physical documents
Estimated USD$11.57 cost per invoice processed
Tracking & Visibility
Outdated status of PO, DO, GR, Invoice, Payments
Physical documents & communications trail
Inability to collect data for analysis
Disparate Systems
Different internal systems do not communicate
Duplicate data entry effort between systems
Inconsistent Data
Financing Woes
40% of SME trade finance applications rejected
Lack of audit trail double/ triple financing risk
Unable to free up more cashflow
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Powered by Enterprise-Grade Procure-to-Pay Platform

Provides the foundation and security for complexity and scalability

Tailored by our Enhancements Engine

Ease of Enhancement

By adopting a microservices architecture, we are able to make specific enhancements for your company’s workflow very quickly.

Continuous Enhancements

We don’t stop there. We’re continuously enhancing and adding features throughout the time you’re using Doxa Connex.

Zero Cost

These enhancements come at no additional cost to you, unlike typical vendors charging you additional fees for customisation.

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Common benefits enjoyed by our clients

Significant cost savings
Minimise document transfer in person
Minimise mis-communication
Minimise delays in payments
InvoiceNow to suppliers
Integration with internal systems
Increase financing ability

Some of our esteemed clients

DBS Bank
Tiong Seng Group
Kimly Construction
Shariot Car Sharing

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