Paperless Procurement For Real Estate Developers

Eliminating physical paperwork since 2019
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Top Real Estate Management Features

Smart Delegation of Evaluation to Respective Consultants

We understand how painful it can be to stay on top of all stakeholders in a project. With Doxa Connex, tasks get delegated to respective consultants and main cons based on your defined parameters and stages.

You can customise complex business approval flows and be sure that all relevant files are saved and accessible in one place.

eSign for Drawdown Application to Bank

Featuring an e-signature integration with DocuSign (a leading electronic signature platform), your partnering bank will be able to receive signed drawdown application and documents to process directly within the system.

A Collaborative Workspace for Claims & Certification

A collaborative workspace where all information is centralised within projects so that you don’t have to perform manual data entry across different stages, accelerating your workflow’s speed, accuracy, and compliance.

All stakeholders are assigned with specific roles that they can then log in to acknowledge, approve, claim, upload, certify or to sign digitally.

Doxa Connex Mobile App

Available on iOS and Android today.

Approve requests, orders, invoices, and payments on the go. Create and issue goods receipts on your mobile in minutes.

Featured Customer on Doxa Connex

GuocoLand, OCBC and Doxa have formed a strategic partnership to develop and pilot the built environment industry's first end-to-end digital workflow solution to streamline the procurement-and-payments workflow processes for development projects by digitally connecting property developers with banks, contractors, suppliers and consultants in the built-environment value chain.