5 Steps of The Digital Transformation Journey


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The events of 2020 have highlighted the need for businesses to enter the digital landscape. According to a CEO outlook report by KPMG, 40% of Singapore CEOs acknowledge that starting a journey in digital transformation and exploring digital business models have accelerated the growth of their companies. Other companies who are increasingly aware of the need to begin their digital journey can leverage government initiatives to improve their internal processes.

1. Digitising

Initially, we should understand which part of the business is required to digitise. Not all business process and workflow are suitable for digitisation, a balance between going digital and human interaction input should be achieved.

2. Simplification

Once all of the requirements are analysed, we can identify the exact data points that we would need to digitise.

3. Integration

Within each datapoint, there will be touchpoints that require a connection between different systems

4. Digitalisation

We can start the digitalisation process by process. The connection to drive Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) to gain control and make the transformation smoother

5. Automation

After gaining control of the digitalisation, we can explore automation solutions. This would be the end goal of the journey.

Case study: Digitalising the procurement workflow

Imagine the procurement system as a highway and data as the vehicles on it. The data flows from point A to B. However, due to external factors that require the data to flow out and back into the highway, an extended time is taken to complete the journey. There is no single source of truth as the data may be modified when it leaves the highway. What Doxa aims to do is create an improved version of the highway where the information stays in the highway.

Integration with the external systems allows the data from the highway to be pushed to the external systems without data duplication. This decreases the risk of human errors and decreases the entire processing time taken.

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