Press Banner Image of Doxa Holdings attending the Amazon Web Services Seminar
Doxa on the AWS AMS Webinar

Henry, our cofounder, was specially invited to speak and share at an AWS Webinar about how our startup works hand-in-hand with Amazon to provide a level of security that is in compliance with banks and even a large developer like GuocoLand.

Here are some of the takeaways.

Full Digital Footprint

  • Doxa Connex is committed to end-to-end digitalisation, where “no part in it whereby the digital footprint will end, unlike your traditional ERP, where it will end as soon as it leaves your ERP.” We work with various ERPs to enable this end-to-end digitalisation, enabling companies to achieve a lot of productivity improvement.

On Choosing AMS

  • A client who had previously requested for a direct and integrated connection with the bank led us to receive 20 pages of compliance & security documentation. When we chose AMS, we were given a head start in terms of seeing and understanding what ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliance looked like so that we can better implement the framework ourselves.
  • We don’t want to spend 80% of our energy into something we don’t have the full expertise for; our expertise and competitive advantage lies in procurement, understanding our customer pain points and processes.

They don’t want security as an afterthought, they want it built into your design. —Henry

Don’t Put Off Security

  • His advice to startups, especially fintech startups, is not to put off the security aspect. Although you have that revolutionary idea and you want to build it, “the longer you put off on facing the need to make sure that your platform is truly secure, the more problems you’re going to have down the line.”
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