A Case Study for a Doxa X InterSystems Partnership


Intersystems IRIS is a (backend) data platform that sets a new level for the development and deployment of applications. It is an efficient and user-oriented platform that provides the necessary tools spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics. Its largest real-world use-case is in the healthcare sector, where their platform solution manages more than one billion health records globally.

This technical presentation during the Singapore Fintech Festival 2021 marks the official announcement of our partnership with InterSystems. Doxa is in a new stage of growth; as a many-to-many collaborative trade platform for businesses, we are looking to collaborate with InterSystems IRIS to initiate a new approach to our expansion.

IRIS’ API management offers a much faster method of producing APIs, as well as flexibility in production and design tools. Most notably, IRIS allows for data to be taken through processing flows and to be brought to machine learning models and third-party analytical tools, which Doxa can leverage out of the box.

Additionally, the built-in internal reporting capability of IRIS offers interactive modelling and analysis, and IRIS BI (Business Intelligence) permits the embedding of controls within applications that work smoothly with ODBC and JDBC drivers. The user benefits from higher quality formatting, dynamic report scheduling and distribution, an optimised report development environment, and both admin and end user access. As mentioned earlier, the best part for Doxa is that it can also seamlessly integrate with other BI tools to provide greater visibility and clarity for us and our customers.

At its essence, Doxa is about digitalisation, hence we are focused on removing the data duplication caused by manual data entry that is prevalent in procurement, payment, and financing processes. This is expedited by replacing data points with a consolidated and unified ‘data point’ system, handled by IRIS. The unification of APIs will allow not only for consistency of data sets and the added security of individual bank controls, but also increases the speed to market.

In conclusion, we are honoured to be part of InterSystem’s APAC expansion, as one of Doxa’s key strategies revolves around building strong partnerships, moving from a customer to a partner and elevating both organisations’ market capabilities. With this partnership with InterSystems, we hope to become a successful model for fintechs of today to emulate as they start to scale.

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