How to Set Up Approval Matrix

Click Entity Management

Click Manage Approval Matrix

Click Create New

Approval Code: Input an Approval Code

Approver Name: Give a name to this new Approval for the Approval Code

* This Approval Name will appear in “Approval Route” when selecting approvals in your workflow

Select the feature (or Workflow) that this Approval Matrix is for

Select the number of Approval Levels

If Approval Range is by value, tick Value Criteria

Input the range

A: Users tab (Assign Single Approver)

This allows you to assign custom individual approvers in the order that you require.

B: Groups tab (Assign an Approval Group)

This allows you to define the number of approvers needed from a pre-defined group of approvers.

A: Users (Single Approvers)

Assign your approvers for this Approval Matrix using the dropdown.

Approver Sequence: Invoice Approver 1 > Invoice Approver 2

Number Approvers: will be 1 as it is a single approver

B: Group approvers

Select approval group/(s) under dropdown
(this is configured under Manage Approval Groups)

Number Approvers: the number of people required from this approval group to fully approve.

E.g. An approval group has 5 users. Number of approvers selected = 2.

This means 2 out of the 5 users in the approval group will need to approve the invoice.

Once done, click Create

The Approval Matrix created will appear here in the List Of Approvals

If approval matrix is no longer in used / wrongly created, click the Deactivate button.

View the animation above for a short walkthrough where we:

  1. Selected the Pre-Purchase Requisition workflow
  2. Set a 2-level Approval
  3. Set up the criteria range
  4. Selected the 2 Users for each level of approval
  5. Set up a Group Approval for costs above $1,000,000

Summary of Approval Matrix

Date last updated:
April 12, 2022