RFQ Process for Suppliers

Click on Request for Quotations

Click RFQ List

You can open the RFQ from the list by double clicking on your selected RFQ.

A. Contains the RFQ No. Status and Currency.

B. Contact Vendor Information.

C. General Information.

D. Request Terms

Supplier enters the Quoted unit price.

The suppliers can send negotiation message or attachment through the negotiation tab and the buyer can view the attachment and messages.

1.Suppliers can upload attachment

2.Suppliers can send a message to the buyer.

3.Suppliers can view the negotiation messages/attachment from the buyer.

Once the supplier completes the quotation he can click on Submit

You can view the status of the RFQ in the RFQ List.

The status will update to "RFQ closed" once the buyer completes the shortlisting.

Date last updated:
July 19, 2022