How to Issue Invoice

Click Invoices, then click on Invoices List

Click on the Invoice that has status “PENDING ISSUE”

Input the below details:

1. Invoice Number

2. Invoice Date

Input Conversation in the comment box to the Main Con

Click Send to send the message

Click Add New under Attachment to upload any supporting documents for your Invoice

Click Choose File *note: Maximum file size is 10MB. User can upload multiple files

Enter a File Label and Description (if required)

Click Save or Issue

When Issue is clicked, there will be a notification button to notify user that Invoice has been Issued. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel” to dismiss the message

Status of the Invoice will be “PENDING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”

Invoice has been issued to Main Con and is pending Main Con to acknowledge receipt of the invoice

Date last updated:
June 2, 2022