How to Acknowledge / Send Back Payment Response

Click Receipts, then click on PC List

Click on the Progress Claim that has status “PENDING RESPONSE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”.

This means Main Con has issued Payment Response and is pending your acknowledgement.

Check the response amount

Click Acknowledge or Send Back

When Acknowledge is clicked, there will be a notification button to notify user that Payment Response has been acknowledged. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel” to dismiss the message.

The status of the Progress Claim will be updated to “PENDING INVOICE CONVERSION”

After acknowledging the Payment Response for the month, you may proceed to create Progress Claim for the following month

If you do not agree or have any dispute with the response amount, click Send Back to send back the Payment Response to the Main Con.

The Progress Claim status will be updated to “VALUATION SENT BACK”. Main Con will reevaluate the Progress Claim and send a new Payment Response.

Date last updated:
June 15, 2022