How to Create Invoice from Purchase Order (PO)

Click Invoice

Click Create Invoice

*Note: GR must be done

Select PO Invoice under the Invoice Type dropdown

Select the Buyer Code under the dropdown

The buyer information will be auto populated

General Information

Payment Term: will be auto populated once the Buyer Code is selected (refer to step above)

Invoice Date: Input invoice date/click on the calendar icon to select date

Invoice Due Date: will be auto calculated based on the Invoice Date selected and Payment Term

Select the DO to invoice using the checkbox on the leftmost column

Input Tax Code

Click “Preview Invoice” before issuing the Invoice

The preview will appear in a pop-up with a “DRAFT” label

Click “Issue” to Issue Invoice

Once the Invoice is Issued, there will be a notification to inform the user that Invoice has been successfully created. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel”.

The status of the Invoice will be “PENDING THREE WAY”.

Date last updated:
April 19, 2022