How to Create Payment

Click Payments

Click Pending Payment

Select the Invoice(s) – only of same Vendor

Click Create Payment

Input Payment Reference No.

Input Remarks (if required)

Select Approval Route under the dropdown

Approval Sequence and Next Approver will be auto populated once Approval Route is selected

If user wishes to view the invoice, click on the underlined Invoice Number hyperlink.

*Note: In order to do this, User must have “Read” access for Invoice under Feature Matrix

It will lead the user to the Invoice Details

To go back to Create Payment, click the Back button at the bottom of the screen.

If user want to include more Invoices in this payment, click Add More

Select the Invoice/(s) which user want to add

Click Add

Use the scrollbar to scroll to the right

Input Amount to Pay or select/tick Pay All

Credit Note(s) tied to this invoice will appear under the Credit Note

Select/Tick the box to apply the Credit Note(s) to this payment

Once the Payment is created, there will be a notification to inform the user that Payment has been successfully created. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel”.

The status of the Payment will be “PENDING APPROVAL”.

Date last updated:
April 12, 2022