How to Create Credit Note as Supplier

Click Invoices

Click Create Credit Note

A: Buyer Information

Buyer Code: Select Buyer Code under the dropdown

Buyer Information will be auto populated once Buyer Code has been selected

B: Credit Note Information

Reference to Existing Invoice:

If “Yes”, select the Reference Invoice under the dropdown

Credit Note Date: Select date using the calendar icon/input date

Remarks (If required)

If Reference Invoice is selected, the items inside the selected invoice will be auto generated

Amend the Quantity and Unit Price (if required)

Use the scrollbar to scroll to the right

Input notes (If required)

If required to add more ad-hoc items, click +Add Manual

Input below details (Mandatory fields):

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • UOM
  • Tax Code

Use the scrollbar to scroll to the right

Input below details:

  • Notes (if necessary)
  • Item Code (Mandatory field)
  • Item Description (if necessary)
  • Model (if necessary)
  • Size (if necessary)
  • Brand (if necessary)

Input Conversation in the comment box to the buyer

Click Send

Click Add New to upload supporting documents for the Credit Note

Click Choose File
*Note: Maximum file size is 10MB. User can upload multiple files.

Enter a File Label and Description (if required)

To preview Credit Note before issuing, click Preview Credit Note

The preview will appear in a pop-up with a “DRAFT” label

Click Issue to issue Credit Note

Once the Credit Note has been created, there will be a notification button to notify the user that the Credit Note has been created successfully. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel”.

The status of the Credit Note is “PENDING APPROVAL”.

Date last updated:
December 28, 2021