How to Approve Invoice as AP Specialist

Click Invoices

Click Invoice Pending Approval

Select the Invoice to approve

Invoice details are stated:

  • Invoice Number
  • PO Number
  • Status of the Invoice: PENDING TWO WAY/PENDING THREE WAY
  • Invoice Type: if it is a DO Invoice/PO Invoice/Non-PO Invoice

Select the AP Approval Route

Approval Sequence will be auto generated once AP Approval Route is selected

Under Invoice & PO table, scroll to the right till the end.

Select or search for G/L Account under the dropdown

Select or search for Cost Code (if any)

Select or search for Department Code (if any)

The PO Number, GR Number, DO Number are hyperlinks that are related to the Invoice

View any supporting documents uploaded by Supplier under External Conversations

Click Approve to approve the Invoice

Once the Invoice is Issued for Approval, there will be a notification to inform the user that Invoice has been issued to pending approval. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel”.

The status of the Invoice will be “PENDING APPROVAL”.

Date last updated:
April 12, 2022