How to Approve Goods Receipt (GR)

Click Receipts

Click Receipts List

Select on the GR to approve

The status of the GR should be PENDING APPROVAL

The approver can change the Qty (Quantity) Receiving


Approver can view:

Internal Conversations/Attachment - sent by the person who created the GR

External Conversations/Attachment – sent by the supplier who created the DO

To approve, click Approve

Once the GR is approved, there will be a notification button to notify the user that GR has been successfully submitted. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel”.

The status of the GR will be “COMPLETED”

What the Supplier should see

On the supplier’s screen, the DO will reflect:

Qty Converted: Qty of DO(s) created by Supplier (Sum of all the previous DO/(s) converted and issued)

Qty Rejected: Difference between all DO(s) issued (to buyer by supplier) and all GR created from DO (by buyer)

Qty Received: Qty Converted – Qty Rejected. The qty buyer input when creating GR on the DO issued by Supplier

Date last updated:
April 12, 2022