How to Add External Vendor

Click System Configurations

Click on Vendors Management to expand the dropdown

Click Manage External Vendors

Click Create New

A: Company Profile

Business Role: Tick on My Buyer/ My Supplier
Company Code: Input supplier code
Company Name: Input Supplier’s Company Name
Company Reg. No: Input Supplier’s Registration Number
Country Of Origin: Select country under the dropdown
Payment Term: Select payment terms with the supplier under the dropdown
Tax-Registered Business: Tick this box if the supplier is tax registered
Tax Reg. No: Input supplier’s tax registration number
Tax Code: Select tax code (this is set up under Manage Tax)
Tax Percentage: This is auto populated based on tax code selected

B: Main Contact Person (this is the Supplier’s information)

Full Name: Input Supplier’s main contact person name
Contact Number: Select dial code under dropdown, and input contact number
Email: Input main contact person’s email

C: Company Address 1 (this is the Supplier’s information)

Address Label: Input address label (eg: HQ)
Address Line 1
Address Line 2 (optional)
City (optional)
Postal Code
Country: Select country under dropdown
Set as default: Tick this box

D: List Of Contact Person(s)

The purpose of this section is to allow the adding of additional contact persons.

For example, a salesperson, or other people outside of the main contact person.

To add a new row, click Add

Populate the information below:

  • Full Name
  • Country Code: Select country code under dropdown
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address

To add another row, click Add again.

Once done, click Save.

Saving this form only creates a vendor record, and they will not yet be connected.

Date last updated:
April 12, 2022