Lack of productivity is the biggest problem faced by the global construction industry. As buildings projects become more complex, the increase in construction cost is caused by low productivity and rising labour cost. As the industry is known to have traditional attitudes and manual processes, most companies’ internal operations remain rudimentary.


Manual Work

Highly manual workflow on physical documentation, data entry, and invoice reconciliation


Lack of collaboration and communication tools causing disputes between stakeholders

No Monitoring

Inadequate planning and scheduling tools and inability to monitor project status, budgets, and performance

Lost Time

Lack of procurement management processes causing inefficient use of time waiting for delivery of materials and supplies
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Powered by Enterprise-Grade Procure-to-Pay Platform

Provides the foundation and security for complexity and scalability

Tailored by our Enhancements engine

Ease of Enhancement

By adopting a microservices architecture, we are able to make specific enhancements for your company’s workflow very quickly.

Continuous Enhancements

We don’t stop there. We’re continuously enhancing and adding features throughout the time you’re using Doxa Connex.

Zero Cost

These enhancements come at no additional cost to you, unlike typical vendors charging you additional fees for customisation.
Procurement Requirements
by Project
Project & Budget
Tender Negotiation
& Adjustments / Revisions
Awarding Contracts
Issue PR or WO based on Drawdown
On-site Goods Receipt
Progress Claims
Variation Claims
Payment Response
Direct Payment


of Progress Claims processed


of Invoices processed


of Payments processed

Build your foundation

As every industry is different, we took the time to understand the construction industry’s process flow and common practices and created enhancements that cater to their workflow. Due to a lack of confidence in adopting technology, companies are still using highly manual procurement methods causing an increase in construction costs.
Doxa Connex now offers a unique procurement solution which allowed them to have an ecosystem where their Suppliers, Sub-Contractors, Financiers, and soon Developers can digitally connect. As more companies from the relevant industries get onboarded to Doxa, existing customers can enjoy more benefits & enhancements because of the interconnectivity.
Our philosophy of co-creating and co-designing solutions with our clients every step of the way, having an open channel for communication and this ensured our solutions solve pain-points directly, building a relationship based on trust and confidence.

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