The global car-sharing market has exceeded USD 2.5 billion in 2019 and is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets. These car-sharing companies have fleets of cars that can be used for short-term rentals. This business model is different from ride-sharing where private-hire car drivers take up bookings to shuttle passengers.  An increase in demand is expected as commuters would like to have their own travel space. A highly tailored workflow is therefore required for a car-sharing app to meet the needs of their customers.

Reasons for Choosing Doxa

Full Mobile Platform

Creation of a comprehensive end-to-end car-sharing mobile app comprising of identifying available vehicles to booking management and digital payments to trip completion

Custom Implementation

Implemented specific workflow requirements based on companies’ business model, with the ability to include customisable e-wallet module for business operations

Enhancements Engine

A super flexible core platform that constantly seeks to introduce enhancements, providing premier customer service

Robust Infrastructure

The entire system is cloud-based and does not require the IT infrastructure to be maintained

Doxa Connex as the Foundation

A angular sphere with dots all connected to each other

Powered by Core

Provides the foundation and security for complexity and scalability

Tailored by our Enhancements engine

Mobile App
Workflow Oriented
Booking of Available Cars
Secure Digital Payments
Trip Completion Visibility
Regular Updates
Our enterprise-grade core allowed us to offer a unique end-to-end solution with a modular approach based on their needs in a timely fashion. Doxa Connex now allowed them to have an ecosystem where the car-sharing company can interact and respond to their customers in real-time.
Our philosophy of co-creating and co-designing solutions with our clients every step of the way, having an open channel for communication and this ensured our solutions solve pain-points directly, building a relationship based on trust and confidence.

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