How to Raise Purchase Requisition (PR) with Price Hidden

Click Requisition

Click Raise Requisition

This will open the Raise Requisition page on your screen

A: Raise Requisition

Select Type of Requisition from dropdown

Select Nature of Requisition from dropdown

B: Initial Settings

Select Currency from dropdown

Select Yes or No for "Have a Supplier?"

If Yes – Select Supplier Code from dropdown

Supplier Name will be auto populated when Supplier Code is selected

C: General Information

Input PR Title

Select Procurement Type from dropdown

Select Approval Route from dropdown

D: Request Terms

Select Delivery Address from dropdown

Select Delivery Date

Input Note (if required)

E: Adding Items

Select +Add Catalogue or +Add Manual

When you choose +Add Catalogue, a popup box will appear.

Select the items and click Add

Input Quantity

Select Price Type under dropdown

If Price Type is not available under dropdown (eg: As Per LA), type in the Price Type and click Create “As Per LA”

You can click Save As Draft/Submit

When Submit is clicked, there will be a notification button to notify user that PR has been successfully submitted. User can click “I Understand” or “Cancel”.

Status of the PR will be shown as “PENDING APPROVAL”

The PO sent to Supplier will be labelled as “As Per LA” with the price masked off.

Date last updated:
April 12, 2022