How to convert Purchase Requisition to Request For One-off Quotation (from PPR)

After a Pre-Purchase Requisition has been Raised and Approved, go to Requisition and click on Purchase Pre-Requisition List

Double-click on Pre-Purchase Requisition with status of "Pending Purchaser Review"

Scroll to check items and information.

Then, click on Convert To Request.  

[Optional] Click on Send Back if further clarification from Requester is required.

Type in the Reason and click Send Back.

Status will change to Sent Back on the list.

The requisition will then need to be Approved once more before Purchaser can review and convert to a Request.

After you click Convert to Request the status on Purchase Requisition List will change to Pending Submission.

Double-click on the line item.

The requisition details will auto-populate.

Select Yes on Do you want to go for RFQ Process?

Proceed with RFQ.

Initial Settings and General Information will be auto-populated.

Input the necessary details on Vendor Information and Request Terms accordingly.

Remember to select One-off Quotation on RFQ Type*.

Also note that on Due Date, you may select the Date AND Time of when the quotations are due to be received from the vendors.

Scroll down to External Conversations to 1) Send a message to All invited vendors and 2) Attach relevant document/s.

Click on Send to Vendors.

Your Purchase Requisition has now been converted into a one-time RFQ (from Pre-purchase requisition).

Date last updated:
May 4, 2022