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Our technology enables you to make decisions faster by automating all your business processes — saving you time and money. Challenges that often hinder companies? A thing of the past. The brilliance of the Doxa Connex platform lies in its core principles: Simplicity, Security, Sophistication.
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Efficiency of Business Automation

Eliminate mundane and manual procurement tasks and invoice processing with Doxa Connex. Streamline Requisitions and Orders, and gain unparalleled visibility into your business to help you make the best decisions.
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Security of Blockchain

Often associated with Bitcoin, the Blockchain is actually the cryptographic technology that powers it. We leverage Smart Contracts and the immutability of the Blockchain to enhance security and prevent potential multi-financing.
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Flexibility of Microservices

The traditional monolithic architecture is becoming costly to maintain, versus the more flexible microservice architecture which is a collection of services within the app. This improves integration, customisation, and maintenance.

Built on Modern Infrastructure

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Fully Hosted on Amazon Web Services

Built on Amazon Web Services with a 99.9% uptime SLA, you can be sure that your workflows will not be interrupted by software issues. Access Doxa's platform anywhere with an internet connection.
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Easily Extensible with CI/CD

Our Enhancements engine is what differentiates us from other procurement and finance products. Continuous Integration & Continuous Development allow us to enhance Doxa Connex for all industries and customers, all the time.
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Host-to-Host Bank Integration

Security has always been our priority when building Doxa Connex. This is why financial institutions work directly with us, enabling you to make digital payments to your upstream and downstream stakeholders seamlessly.

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